Mosaic Tile

Aristocrat Floors offers a large selection of unique mosaic tiles to choose from. Mosaic tiles can be used for all applications such as a kitchen backsplash, feature walls, and even accent strips. The opportunities are endless and can be featured in all sorts of creative ways.

Mosaic Tile Image Gallery

Mosaics present themselves as ‘wow’ features, attention grabbers, a touch of sparkle, kind of like ‘jewelry’ for a space. It’s an artistic decorative piece.

At Aristocrat we encourage you to bring in pictures or samples of other items such as the countertop & the colour of your cabinetry, to help distinguish what mosaic will complement its surroundings. We carry mosaics in all shapes and sizes: square, rectangular, circular penny rounds, linear strip mosaics, subway tiles…etc. These styles are offered in different materials as well: glass, stone, glass & stone mix, porcelain and steel.

Aristocrat is constantly sourcing cutting edge looks and designs. Contact us and let us help you find the right Mosaic Tile for your project.

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