Shiplap is the building material everyone’s raving about. In 2022, shiplap quickly became a popular choice for interior finishes, like wall cladding and ceilings. We’ve bid adieu to classic drywall and elevated the character of our interior spaces by integrating shiplap into the home. 

But what is shiplap? Shiplap is essentially real or faux wooden boards that fit together snugly. Traditionally used to construct sheds, barns, and other rustic buildings, shiplap has made its way into the home, becoming a popular form of wall cladding. It brings a certain rustic charm, gentle texture, and sense of coziness. Install shiplap horizontally or vertically to change the dynamic of your space and make it uniquely your own.  

Whether you paint it, stain it, use small panels or larger panels, there’s no denying that the textured look of cladding your walls in wood panels is back – in a big way!

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This look isn’t limited to urban rustic design, either. Shiplap can add cozy comfort to your bedroom, or elevate and define a home office space. Shiplap in the kitchen brings a breezy, casual beach vibe that’s both stylish and inviting.

Aristocrat offers a huge selection of wood and wood-look wall claddings to suit your décor, offered in many textures and depths combined. Shiplap is an easy way to transform a plain wall, fireplace, or even draw the eye to the ceiling. 

Is an area of your home feeling small? Install shiplap horizontally to extend the eye across the room and make it feel larger. Low ceilings? Shiplap installed vertically on a wall will exaggerate the height of a room and help the space feel larger. Browse our Shiplap Image Gallery for inspiration!

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