I understand how daunting the idea of starting a design project from scratch is.  What if I make a mistake?  What if I hate it when it’s complete?  Where do I start?

We know who you are when you walk in the door.  You usually have that deer in the headlights look.  This doesn’t have to be so scary. Some of you come armed for battle… laptops, ipads, or a group of family and friends surrounding you waiting to do battle.  We are design lovers…not fighters !

Our design team is trained to deal with your project, and your friends.  You have to remember that even though this group that surrounds you knows what you like or don’t…they are more likely to help you choose what they like.  We know exactly what to ask you to get some key information that will help you create what it is that will add function and beauty to your home.

We know you love your kids….and we appreciate the fact that you like their input…but take it from someone who knows…what kids like today…they do not like tomorrow.  Do you really want to be stuck with that bright pink band of glass in the shower because your daughter had to have it? She will move away to school and one day can make her own bad choice of glass.  We are all about creating what is beautiful today and tomorrow. We want you to tell your friends that a designer at Aristocrat Floors helped you. Next design project…leave the friends at home, and listen to the oooohhhh and awwww’s you get when you open the door and show them your finished project.