Ok folks…I’m sure this has been a rant of past but in my day to day selections with new home builders the same comment comes up “I don’t want engineered floors because I don’t like laminate”.   WHAT??  I know part of our job is to educate, so in this spirit here it goes….again.

Solid hardwood floors are just that — they’re made from solid wood. Generally speaking its ¾ inches thick and made of a solid piece of wood. It can be sanded and refinished numerous times …although doing that can produce thinning in the locking system.

But the main problem with solid hardwood is that it expands and contracts depending on the humidity in your home. In the winter when it’s dry hardwood floors will shrink. When there’s more moisture in the air, like in the spring or summer, hardwood expands.

At one time an engineered floor was considered somewhat elitist and came with a hefty price point. Today with the advancement of technology in the industry, it can be created at a more aggressive price point to the clients benefit. With the trend of wide plank look o

Engineered hardwood flooring performs far better than solid hardwood and has become a standard in new home

Engineered hardwood flooring in st catharines from Aristocrat Floors

construction. It doesn’t shrink or expand as much as solid wood which makes it more resistant to warping and cupping.  Most can be sanded and refinished depending on the surface finish but with the hardness of today’s finishes, I doubt you would refinish.

Engineered hardwood can be used in applications that solid wood cannot. For example, an engineered product can be used over concrete as in a condo or in a basement glued down or floated.

Laminate is made of mostly an MDF core with a photograph of wood or stone on the top. It is highly reactive to moisture and never suitable for wet areas.  When walking on a laminate floor you will notice a slight hollow sound as this material is floated over an underpad which helps with the sound.  It’s a great inexpensive alternative to get a wood look on a budget.

So, long and short….do your research….and remember, we are not lying to you when you ask us if its laminate and we say no!