Something’s fishy!!

The herringbone pattern has been making a large appearance in renovation shows and décor magazines. Some of these products can run hundreds of dollars but you can also achieve the look without much cost. The resemblance of a fish skeleton (herringbone) has been used for hundreds of years…think old world pavers laid on the streets in Europe. As trendy as it may appear right now…it’s a pattern much loved and used across cultures over the ages.

This shape can create the illusion of space depending on the way it’s laid (parallel to the boundary and 45 degrees to boundary). You can use a classic subway shape to create the herringbone pattern with the 2 to 1 ratio for a chunky bold look. Elongating the proportion will open the pattern to create width as your eye follows the natural width of the “v” shape .This allows you to take and room or backsplash and open it up visually. A designer trick that creates the look of space but still offers visual interest.

I’ve heard mixed reaction… generally the questions is “isn’t too busy?” Simple answer…..depending on the colour or material selected it can make for a beautifully calm surface. Remember when choosing any kind of patterning your installation price tends to go up because it’s just simply more work. We have some great examples of this look in our showroom. Check out our tile page to see some of the possibilities.