Although Aristocrat has some of the best installers around, we understand that sometimes you like working with your own contractor…and that’s ok. We assume that your installer is a professional…or if it is a” Do It Yourself” project, we assume you have a good grasp on what all of this entails. We are here to give you all of the information to help make your project a success.

You might wonder why, when purchasing without our install team, we ask you for the amount of material you will require. We hesitate to go over your figures and tell you what you need with very good reason. With over 50 years of experience, we are confident in our calculations. But when it is you or your installer doing the job…we are just not sure of how you are installing your product.

What if your installer is terrific but throws away every piece he cuts? What if they are installing in a pattern we are not aware of? What if they are just plain old clumsy and drop a box or two? Now they’re short on material but place blame on insufficient amounts.

Every once in a while, one of these tragedies occur, and you might require us to order more tile. If it is a popular tile, we might not be able to get the same dye lot as it can change from run to run. In a very rare situation, a tile or wood can be discontinued, now that’s trouble!

Every product we order is a special order. We order it just for you. What if your installer has ordered too much product and after the job is complete you come back to us to return the merchandise? We cannot take the product back without asking permission from our supplier. If too much time has passed, they might not accept a product that is not from their current dye lot. All suppliers will charge you a restocking fee IF they allow you to return the material at all. This is at their discretion, not ours. It’s all so complicated!!

Of course, having material left over is not a bad thing. At least once a week someone comes in with a tile from 10 years ago that they are trying to find a match to because they have a crack in an existing tile …or they have taken out a wall and are left with a vacant space where tile is needed. You would be surprised at how handy it is to have a few extra square ft of material handy. 

Bottom line folks…don’t get mad at us because we want your installer to figure out how much material you need. It protects you, and us, and ensures that your installer has what he or she needs to give you the beautiful job you deserve.