I just finished up with an early morning appointment on this, a dull dismal rainy grey day… and it occurred to me that I’m really not a fan of grey. Well not all grey ….just that dull dismal rainy grey day, gray.  That made me ponder about all of those clients in the last five years who insisted on a grey palette. I wonder if they suffer more from vitamin D deficiencies. Don’t get me wrong…grey has its place.  For those of us that painted grey in the 80’s… we know, it’s not very cozy on a dull day.  I often tell clients, while picking grey… make sure it’s a warm grey that goes with chocolate brown because chocolate brown will be the rage… once again.  I think my personal favorite greys are the ones that the world refers to as griege… those warm khaki undertones that work with absolutely every accent in the Benjamin Moore colour deck.  These greys give you a tonne of options moving forward when fashion changes… as it does. The blue greys can be more problematic… they are by far more limiting in terms of accents.  They can also be confusing. I’ve seen a lot of bad baby blue grey attempts that just feel like the toddlers playroom.  Colour is personal… and there is no right or wrong… Ok, yes there is but you can’t help what you like. My advice on this rainy day….go grab some bright yellow cushions… might not help the vitamin D, but it will help the spirit.