The funny thing about the holidays is that it comes at the same time every year and somehow we feel that it just snuck up on us. All of a sudden we realize the house will be decorated in all its Christmas finery and still the bathroom is need of a renovation. Come on folks…. it’s not like you didn’t know it was coming.

So the chances of getting an install in November or December are nothing short of a Christmas miracle there are ways to maybe spruce up the space. There are some beautiful floating vinyl systems that might be a good DIY project the night before the guests arrive! Maybe it’s just the addition of a pretty backsplash to the back of the vanity top… an inexpensive fix that might pull the eye away from the rose and teal tile floor installed in the 80’s. May I also suggest lower voltage lighting!!!

Maybe this Christmas, you make a plan… a house plan. Write down all of those areas that have the door closed during this holiday and make a plan to leave them open next Christmas. Come January, when you are bored and already tired of shoveling, make an appointment with one of our many designers and discuss the possibility of updating a space that feels anything but festive. We would be glad to help.