I’ve been known to do the occasional reno when my husband is out of town for a few days. It’s not that he isn’t helpful…he just doesn’t like change…when’s he’s involved. Recently I was given a 10 day window to do absolutely nothing but hold the remote in my hand but noooooooo….i couldn’t resist a project.  I opted to update my husband’s office. He’s been working out of his home office of late and I wanted it to be a spot he could be proud of while meeting clients at our home.  Working off his style, I decided to go urban rustic and use Century Architextures new brick veneers to add warmth to the space.  These bricks come in a variety of colours and can be somewhat customized as well.  They are meshed backed for easy installation and the effect is that of an old repurposed brick wall.  After watching the manufactures team install a gorgeous display in our shop, I was inspired to create.

I was so excited to start that I literally installed the brick in my pajamas and was able to cut the edges by scoring with a box cutter knife and snapping.  Using Mastic and a trowel made the job a breeze. After a few hours …still in pajamas….my beautiful accent wall was complete except for mortar joints…how hard could that be …right ??

I did my homework, I asked several installers, and all told me that the use of a piping bag was the way to go.   The manufacturer told me to use the back handle of a cheap plastic putty knife to remove the excess piped mortar.  I had the tools, knew how to mix the mortar to the correct consistency (much like the 3 bears. Not too thick, not too thin…just right) and goodness knows, I’ve iced a few cakes…this will be a piece of cake !

After the first row of mortar, I realized that a little finesse is needed here.  I’m no stranger to the DYI but I have to say someone with less ability than me, would be in a bit of trouble.  It was not difficult but extremely messy and I found myself praying for the end to come with every squeeze of the piping bag.   It took 2 days for my hands to uncurl from this unnatural position. The manufacturers advise on the putty knife was bang on …worked brilliantly. I will admit there was more mortar on the floor (thank goodness for plastic drop sheets) than anything but the plastic made for a somewhat easy clean up.

The end result is stunning.  My husband was totally shocked (probably not actually…I have visions of him walking in with his shoulders around his ears wondering what I’ve done now ) and very appreciative of all the work I put in.

My advice to the Do it yourselfer…if you have zero skill let our talented team install…they even clean up .  If you do have skill and you like a challenge, this is a hugely rewarding project that will instantly change a simple space into an architectural masterpiece.   It’s the perfect backdrop to a wonderful piece of art or set of antlers and gives a room instant charm at an easy price-point.  Well worth the mortar misery!!