It’s a regular occurrence to be asked if I’m showing a full body porcelain when making a selection. I will often ask a client what they mean so I can get a sense of what they know. Most people assume that all porcelain is full bodied.  I hear “I need the tile that when it chips, it’s all the same colour “. Not so and not necessary.

Generally speaking the only time I will use a full bodied tile is when we are putting it outside (pool decks or porches) or in a commercial project.  The term “full body” refers to the tile being consistent in composition throughout the body of the tile. Most people think the only bonus to this is that when chipped, the colour goes all the way through.   The purpose of a full body is more about the resistance to water absorption and its chemical resistance. The other bonus is that it can withstand high surface traffic and is frost proof.  These tiles can be produced to look like marble, granite, stone, wood, concrete and metal…basically anything that can be imagined.

Now please do not dismiss porcelain that is not full bodied.  These tiles are often referred to as glazed and they have their own benefits. Porcelain tiles are produced in a huge variety of finishes, mimicking all of the natural stone and wood looks that its sister, the full body does. They are extremely hard and chosen for their strength, durability and low water absorbency.  These tiles can be frost proof as well and are impervious to stains. They might not be the same colour all the way through but when installed correctly, there is no need to worry that regular use will ever result in chips or cracks.

We know you might not know everything there is to know about tile……sometimes my colleagues tease me that I only show what looks great and never talk about the products benefits.  This might be true…but at Aristocrat you can be assured, we only show products that we know to be quality.  Everything in our showroom is handpicked to offer you the best on trend products out there today.  So next time you are debating full body or not, think about what the product needs to do for you and then you can make an informed decision.