As much as this area is used for my Thoughts …I’ve decided today to do a little horn blowing.

Matt and I recently met with “our Home Magazine” to go over some advertising details.  This is a bit of a big deal for us because this business has been built on word of mouth and not advertising dollars spent. We rather pride ourselves on the fact that advertising just “wasn’t our thing”. It’s pretty great to be known for good customer service  and wonderful installs but we love the look of this magazine and find value in supporting all things Niagara.

At our meeting,  Jill pulled out the last year of issues covered with yellow sticky tapes to mark the spots Aristocrat had been mentioned in each issue. Let me assure you…there were a lot of yellow tapes sticking out of those pages.   Jill then said  “ you folks are always mentioned…you’re everywhere ”.   For me it struck a cord.    We really are very fortunate…we all love what we do here and it shows. People mention us because we are involved in so many beautiful projects around the Peninsula as well as those wonderful family homes that don’t get featured in glossy magazines. We are mentioned because our good work, makes a big difference.

This year we celebrate 60 years in business.  Sixty years!!!!   What an accomplishment made on the sweat and hard work of the late Steve Gaida and continued forward by the fresh insight of new owner Matt Pickett.  Its so true, when you surround yourself with great people, great people will gravitate towards you.  We thank all of you who have supported us both past and present. We will continue to do our best to still be the talk of the town and you can be darn sure there will be a lot more yellow sticky tapes hanging out of magazines to come  !!