It is ironic, that as we celebrate our 60th year, we say goodbye to the man that made this business the great success it is.

Steve Gaida was our friend, mentor and visionary. He was hip before his time.  With his strong sense of style and his belief in customer service he put interior design on the map in Niagara.  The strong silent type, he could be misunderstood and intimidating at over 6’2”, but he was a gentle giant, always listening intently and forming his opinions. He loved to be sold to by his staff…He laughed with his whole being and smiled with his entire face.   He encouraged our new designers to be fearless and believed in their talents, and let those who had been here longer know that they were relevant and needed.  He never missed a beat, he took everything in. He saw trends before they happened and was always the first shop to introduce anything “new and exciting”.  A fore runner who set the standard. Not one to advertise, he always believed that word of mouth got more people excited, and he was correct. He was a perfectionist who demanded the best for his clients. Well respected by many and loved by all of us who knew him.  Steve leaves his mark all over our showroom and will touch us forever.

Steve leaves behind his wife Mary and many family and friends whose lives he touched.