A stone by any other name….

Today a sales rep came in with a few pieces of polished Italian travertine with a gorgeous vein cut.  The reason he came in was to show us the variation in the stone.  This happened because we had placed 2 orders for clients and when the current lot came in, it was completely different than the sample we originally showed our clients. You would think that something with the word “silver “in it would, quite frankly, have a “silver “colour in it.  Not always!!! Had we not been told it was named the same, we would have never known that these stones were remotely related.

Apparently as in life…no two people are the same…no two stone are the same. There might be similar colouring or veining when excavating stone from a certain area but from one end of the site to the other, the colour can differ greatly. I guess it should be said, that when buying a natural stone, you have to accept those nuances that make its beauty known. If we wanted the tile to all appear the same, I guess it should be suggested that porcelain be selected. Here we can be assured that an entire lot will appear to be from the same colour family. This cannot be said from lot to lot.  If you order a tile in May and need more in July, the chances of there being variation in the dye lot are pretty darn good.

It’s the things that make us unique that are so interesting. Much like natural stone, it’s the differences in pattern, movement and colour that show people you paid a little more to be “out of the box”. Treat it well and it can be a timeless treasure that you will love for many years.  Unless of course it’s that forest green granite we all loved years ago to go with the dusty rose on the walls…you need to come in and see us…you know who you are .  You are not supposed to love a tile that long ; )