There is a strong movement towards the urban rustic. Its gone mainstream ! Taking vintage finds, reclaimed woods, typography and mixing in sleek contemporary design and strong architectural shapes and it just seems right. Still modern and relaxed with lots of personality, it’s a trend we see staying. We love the mix of textures. Combining time worn Moroccan prints with crisp rectified white tile and warm tone natural woods, calms the soul. We’ve seen more hardwood floors being used on walls as cladding creating the warmest environments  and strong visual lines. There are no limits as to how you can use these products. Imagine a tall boxy fireplace dressed in horizontally laid walnut hardwood . Striking but warm. Don’t forget the reclaimed brick…it brings that architectural element to the space. Whether it’s an entire wall or used as a backsplash behind a bar area or coffee bar, brick becomes a strong point of view in a room. You can find all of these trends on display at Aristocrat.