Returning home from a restful vacation, my husband and I walked into our home to find a broken water line had destroyed our kitchen and entire lower level.

All of a sudden,  I was the client.  It’s easy to advise people every day what would look best in their home…a little different when it’s me !  After weeks of walking around like a wounded puppy,  I asked a design colleague to come over and he changed my whole attitude. He made great suggestions, pointed out positive things and made me, for the first time, excited about the prospect of designing a new space regardless of how much I liked my old one. It was a light bulb moment for me.  I now know why our clients are so grateful for the help they receive when they work with any of our designers. We do help you take the fear out of the unknown, get you excited about the future of your new space and take the fear out of the process.

If you are unsure, grab your plans, ideas and pictures and come in to meet with one of our team…..a quote doesn’t cost you anything but peace of mind.