What’s your style??

When deciding to start a renovation, it might be helpful to identify what your style is. The easiest way to achieve this is to spend an afternoon at Chapters browsing through the home décor magazines.  We often suggest that pulling a series of photos you are drawn to, will help you identify your style.  Of course we suggest you pay for the magazines first before ripping out pages!!!  To you, the photos may appear to be random, but to us… they provide a thread of ideas that can link your look together.

We love the clients that come in prepared with photos of the spaces they wish to renovate. This provides us with a feel for the space and the way you will purpose it.  At Aristocrat, we pride ourselves in knowing what you are thinking even when you don’t.  Sure ….you might call yourself contemporary because someone told you the dark cabinet you were looking at is modern,  but when we see the pictures of the plaid couch, crochet doilies’  and pickled oak kitchen, we know exactly what to show you that will move you towards the look you want in a kinder gentler way.  We don’t think good design is one way.  We know that design is multiple choice and can be achieved in a variety of ways.  We have seen it all and are here to help.  Just remember…please don’t be offended if we suggest you paint the cabinets!