Every year the Niagara Home Builders Association holds their annual Awards of Distinction. These awards are in celebration of all the great work being done around the Niagara Peninsula in the housing/building industry.  If you are in it…you want one.

For the past few years I have been given the task of going through our rather large data bank of fabulous projects that I deem worthy of a submission…you know…something that will WOW the judges and the crowd, gathered for this top notch event.  When we have chosen a submission or two, we have it photographed and send it away to the Board for their kind consideration.

With much anticipation, our staff gussies themselves up and proudly find ourselves seated with outstanding members in the Building community.  We point  to most submissions on the large screen sent in from premier builders in the area and realize that time and time again our work is showcased in so many of their  entries.  You can hear each of our designers at one point or another say “oh, forgot about that one…I worked on that”. Although our own submissions seem to get passed over (grrrr) we always leave the event with a huge percentage of Awards given to Builders that had our hands all over it.

Maybe next year a category should be added Highest Number of design/installations to Award Winners….we’d win that one for sure!!!